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TiVo Stream 4k

TiVo's first streaming hardware, providing a single integrated interface to all your streaming app content and live TV


TiVo Experience 4

A complete modernized redesign of the TiVo on-screen experience featuring engaging program art, predicted and recommended content, and over video browsing


TiVo SkipMode

SkipMode lets you skip entire commercial breaks with the click of a button for select recorded shows.


SkipMode whisper displays and makes a distinct SkipMode sound reminding you to press to skip the commercial break.


TiVo QuickMode

QuickMode allows you to watch content 30% faster while maintaining accurate pitch so you can still hear what is going on.


Harvard Library

User-centric redesign of the website for Harvard's library system. Extensive user research conducted with students, faculty, and staff. Primary goal was not to simply make information available, but easily accessible.


Healthcare Exchange Usability Testing

Conducted in-person usability sessions for a state healthcare exchange website. Analyzed results and presented recommendations.


Customized CRM

Visited call centers to understand call flow + case documentation process. As part of a new CRM rollout, designed workflow within standard framework and customized widgets to reduce call time. Created training materials and facilitated international instructor training sessions.


Helicopter Spare Parts Ordering

Tested site for design inconsistencies, re-designed problematic widgets, and developed style guidelines for future site modifications


Sales Compensation Tool

Designed tool for sales representatives to track their performance against their goals, understand and track their payments for each transaction, and keep track of liability. Sales managers could generate team reports and track individual performance.


Career Navigator Tool

Designed tool for employees to explore their current and potential career paths within their company. Tool also housed assessment criteria and performance against career goals.

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